All Motor, Turbo , vtec

I hope you enjoy my first engine mod it's for 230le and 221mwm

Extract rar. to SLRR folder

Have fun

Credits go to
All Motor parts made by Torres1895
Sound by DRIFTjaab
Bigg Boss93 passing me the slrr engine parts.

Thanks to Unknown Crew and Wolves of Valo


1.   Posted by TiagoPt90   2013-09-30 17:52    

Epic >:)

2.   Posted by DRIFTjaab   2013-09-30 18:57    

I hope you guys enjoy the sounds :P

3.   Posted by SPD13TDI   2013-09-30 20:51    

engine looks fantastic, but unrealistic Power, stock engine 279bhp ??? and B18 is 2.0L ??? please fix it

4.   Posted by chyrr   2013-10-01 00:39    

Downloading right now, can't wait to fit it in my Civic :3 Posting any feedback soon.

5.   Posted by chyrr   2013-10-01 00:48    

Hmm... When I put it in my EG6 in SLLReditor it just says "file not found", no matter how I try to do it. So I guess no feedback =D

6.   Posted by justforthegolf   2013-10-01 18:40    

the engine is really great but the sounds doesnt work :(

7.   Posted by blast   2013-10-01 18:58    

@justforthegolf put addon folder to your main folder.

8.   Posted by blast   2013-10-01 19:04    

@SPD13TDI Thank you man. The motor isn't stock. It's a fun FWD drag motor. Block is stroked out 2.0L

9.   Posted by aangelo63   2013-10-01 23:47    

changed transmission java to RWD and its awesome. great job blast

10.   Posted by DRIFTjaab   2013-10-02 07:20    

Remember that your RPM limit must be 000 or 0500. 7000,7500,8000,8500 and so on. Otherwise the sounds will not play.

11.   Posted by hitman3695   2013-10-02 08:06    

Does the sound files go into the parts folder?

12.   Posted by aangelo63   2013-10-02 09:06    

no into the main slrr folder

13.   Posted by SPD13TDI   2013-10-02 15:58    

Blast: Will you make stock engine ? with upgrades as example mugen ...

14.   Posted by blast   2013-10-05 00:14    

I hope everyone enjoys the sound.
SPD13TDI: Naw I'm not planning on doing a stock engine.

15.   Posted by slamsung   2013-10-06 01:55    

Ok cant get the sound from it to work.. put it in the main file. but still nothing? like i got the motor working & everything but no Fart Can Sound.. lol HELP

16.   Posted by mitko   2013-10-07 14:05    

can someone make a rpk for jack please ;)
i tested the engine on my friends computer and it sound awsome

17.   Posted by Gustav1338   2013-10-09 18:46    

WOW is the only thing i can say. Awesome sounds and runs great! Thank you driftJAAB for the sounds and all the other for this great engine!

18.   Posted by siijoo   2013-10-27 07:10    

already move the b18_sound & rpk on main files, but nothing happen..

19.   Posted by gsl77   2013-10-28 08:47    

nice engine but no sound in 230

20.   Posted by tedobg   2013-11-04 18:30    

That's gold! Thank you for the B18! I really respect the hard work that guys like you do. Everyone says give me that,make this,but no one gives a shit about the work and the time that is needed to make a beauty like this one. Thank you again!

21.   Posted by tedobg   2013-11-06 19:32    

Hmm strange. I just bought the B18 and when I decide to put it inside my car the game crash. It says slrr.exe has stopped working. Any help?

22.   Posted by SupleX   2013-11-17 14:02    

For me the engine works but the sounds are glitchy they dont sound like a car engine at all when i am in 3rd gear all i can hear is the turbo wissling sound nothing more i did how it sayd all to main folder tried fiddling with ingame rpm's same stuff dont know whats wrong :/

23.   Posted by mechgt5   2013-11-18 20:10    

everything works great for me. only thing, the tri-y and "megan" header (normal one) are just a little too thick, or maybe the car i was using was scaled too small. idk just seems a little too big.

10/10 though. SOUNDS AMAZING! I have a b18 ls/vtec in my car, and it sounds exactly like this. Now we just need a d16 and an ej1 and ill be happy forever

24.   Posted by workequip   2013-11-28 08:08    

the sounds does not work for me, im running it with 2.2.1mwm . the engine works fine without crash . but still no sounds , where should i put the files exactly , i also put in the main folder of slrr , but still nothing.. can anyone help me

25.   Posted by dawid12   2013-12-15 11:14    

where is parts to this engine ? I using slrr by vlad

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