This is the release of the 2013 BMW M135i (F21)
What started out as a fast convert quickly became a car that had to be a proper mod.

So what makes this a proper mod?

- Standalone, to avoid the crashes with cars that share scripts.
- The catalog is sorted, the stock body parts are seperated from the "aftermarket".
- All the parts in the catalog have been renamed and in general the catalog has been cleaned.
- The car is based upon the WONDERFUL BMW 135i by Franco and Diego, this car RETAINS the lovely handling you are used from the 135i.
- Light glows are done.
- Car comes build from the catalog (may require Franco's "F_tires" for the tires to appear with the car.
- Stock wheels included
- Stock brakes included

If this doesn't convince you what a proper mod is, then you should look for mods somewhere else.

Car model by Turn10/Forza Horizon, texturing/scripting/glows/etc. done by me. With the help from BB93 i got the stock brakes working.

Enough Talking LETS PLAY!


Get the update for this mod here!

October 2015 Update M135i DOWNLOAD LINK

What is new in this update?

- Enginebay + N55 Enginecover
- Doorsills
- M235i Front swap
- More bumper options Front + Rear
- Race Rollcage
- Driver Racing Seat

So overall way more detailed! So get the update!

Additional Pictures

And if you support my mods, you can always buy me a beer to keep motivated!

1.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-01-27 08:46    

Thanks for this! It's been too long since last mod officially released by VStanced.

2.   Posted by Balkanec   2014-01-27 15:18    

Thanks a lot! B)

3.   Posted by Pro7   2014-01-27 15:31    

Hey look, there's my pic, I wondered where did it go! :D

4.   Posted by Amida   2014-02-01 07:30    

Hello everyone. I can not understand one thing, i did not find native brakes. And as for buying "in assembly" is the crash of my SLRR. Tested on two versions Le2mwm and 230le. I think it's a problem with the brake discs, please the author check this.

5.   Posted by ivan000166   2014-02-01 15:59    

How to download

6.   Posted by TroubledSaint   2014-03-07 22:06    

*Rubs hands together and downloads sharpish* :)

7.   Posted by jhonnydoe1   2014-10-23 11:11    

can confirm it crashes the dealers on stage 1

8.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-10-30 20:16    

Can confirm it doesn't crash at all :)

9.   Posted by Bravo   2015-10-30 22:52    

Thanks :)

10.   Posted by xxxGGGxxx   2015-10-31 14:33    

Not to criticize but....

!Class not found: in file "java.lang.GameType" at line 196
!JVM::getClass: class "" not found in file "java.lang.GameType" at line 196
!vm_set_float_field: unknown field:;/0
!Class not found: in file "java.lang.GameType" at line 196
!JVM::getClass: class "" not found in file "java.lang.GameType" at line 196
!Cannot parse class "" in file "java.lang.GameType" at line 196
!Class not found: in file "java.lang.GameType" at line 196
!JVM::getClass: class "" not found in file "java.lang.GameType" at line 196
!Cannot parse class "" in file "java.lang.GameType" at line 196
!Class not found: in file "" at line 11
!JVM::getClass: class "" not found in file "" at line 11
!Cannot parse class "" in file "" at line 11
nevertheless its a very good mod :thumbsup:

11.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-10-31 16:37    

You sure it's because this mod?

12.   Posted by xxxGGGxxx   2015-11-01 00:30    

Well I checked the brakes of the car, nothing. And also when I buy it from the catalog it crashes, tested on a clean slrr, started new career with no mods, only the BMW.

13.   Posted by Jaziba   2015-11-01 13:53    

Place the java from this download in the SRC folder and it should be fixed.


14.   Posted by jodhyarya   2016-03-19 04:14    

what rims on the orange one? where can i get that mod?. thx

15.   Posted by walmartone   2019-05-17 16:35    


16.   Posted by londondude   2019-10-01 17:00    

nice rides. like it! ;)

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