check it out!
1.   Posted by maryus_x90   2010-05-22 12:58    

lol...gsm total haters, but still use they mods xD

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-22 13:00    

what? gsm total haters? no one hates the mods.. we hate the speedy with his BS

3.   Posted by JAG   2010-05-22 13:15    

Yep. Just Speedolf Hitleedy. He's the leader of the SLRR Nazis. Roli was always cool to me, so I don't hate him. But I don't have a single mod on my PC that was touched by Speedolf. Except the fixed R35, which is half mine, IMO.

4.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2010-05-22 13:16    

No hate to the mods indeed, its that cocksuckerasshole of a Speedy who fucked it up.
And besides, the RC is ask a lot...and now its 100% legal to DL it....have fun :D

5.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2010-05-22 13:21    

I talk to Roli in PM on GSM (yeah i am registrated there, who gives a fuck) and Roli is pretty sick about what happend there.
He ain't agree with what happend over there, and i think (what i understand of his PM) that he going to quit the modding scene.
Thats what he told me...
But Speedolf Hitleedy ( i call him Adolf Speedtler) is the one who fucked it up, he is now the "owner" of GSM, Roli has nothing to do with it, except that he is admin.

6.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-22 13:31    

lol.. way to go.. fucking drama queens...

7.   Posted by Noi5eB0mb   2010-05-22 14:39    

fellas , enough of that GSM talk , enjoy da mod! :D we got better things to worry about!!

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