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^^My Custom one but i feel like Sharing For the Head Admins^^

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1.   Posted by Franco   2010-05-26 18:59    

your custom one is wrong :P

you wrote "i pity teh fool"

should be "i pity the fools"

just pointing out something.. don't take it wrong... :D

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-26 19:09    

lol im 99% sure he done it like that :) its not a mistake :)

3.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-26 19:11    

and LMAO at the JESUS one :D

4.   Posted by Franco   2010-05-26 19:21    

JESUS one?? :O

5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-26 19:22    


6.   Posted by Franco   2010-05-26 19:59    

well.. that one wasnt there lol

7.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-26 19:59    

it was in the "more" page ;D

8.   Posted by LeoO.!   2010-05-26 20:24    

hey Cj , i know its get you bored ( actually i don't know ) but you can make userbars for SLRRbr too?

9.   Posted by CJ   2010-05-27 02:26    

@franco, My Custom one, I Did that cause it was only for me, and i usaly write The as Teh Or Tha

10.   Posted by -Acyd-   2010-05-27 06:26    

thx for that cj ! looks pretty nice :)

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