Added offset adjustment to the old pack.

This is one of the earliest rim packs, that I've ever had in my SLRR.

Too bad thing is, these sexy small rims didn't have offset option, so they stuck far away from the wheel hub which looks so wrong.

Too good thing is, there's a guy called Unseen., who cannot stand with that, and decided to add this option to the old shiny jewel.

Enough fuping talk, what do you get after downloading this?

- Original JDM Rim Pack v2.0. More than 30 legendary old-school aftermarket rims, from the most famous Japanese manufacturers - scratch-made by the first modder I've ever met: Endo.

- Adjustable offset scripts added by me.

- Corrected manufacturer & rim names/generalized naming format for most of them.

- Perhaps a bit overdose of JDM epicness - low poly doesn't kill our passion, eh? B)


1.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-05-12 04:30    

This is a really good news. thank you SO much! keep it up

2.   Posted by MudaPuckGui   2014-05-14 05:51    


3.   Posted by justinp   2014-08-27 20:20    

THANK GOD!!!! ive been looking everywhere for a set of equip 03s

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