well.. the other movie was just to see vegas functions... this one i think it's a lot better....
and the music you hear was made by me :D all the instruments (drum was made in PC)

1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-27 19:19    

not bad ;) the music doesn't fit the video for some reason! :) could well be just my ears lol ;D

2.   Posted by pixi   2010-05-27 19:34    

witch E30 dou you have in game?

3.   Posted by slogun1993   2010-05-27 19:35    

too bad bmw suck j/k no good vid but you need to change music. or change youre vid so it could fit the music :P

4.   Posted by Franco   2010-05-27 19:37    

@pixi: the old one... the one from dave...

5.   Posted by diegorborges   2010-05-27 19:59    

This video is nice franco! Me likes!!!

And bmw doesn't suck slogun.

6.   Posted by Hakosabi   2010-05-27 20:06    

Everything fit very well, music is awesome. +5

7.   Posted by slogun1993   2010-05-28 13:42    

@diegorborges i said it was a joke i like the bmw's in this film they are the best bmw ever made

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