This is the release of the 2013 BMW M6 F13

It is a "fast convert" but complete mod. It might have bugs and it might feel incomplete.

It features:

- Stock M6 and Custom "Black" version build from the catalog
- Stock brakes and wheels
- Custom bumpers
- Custom light glows
- Cleaned catalog
- Standalone
- Good handling

And if you support my mods, you can always buy me a beer to keep motivated!

Tested on 2.2.1 MWM ONLY. And if you don't like it, then dont use it.

1.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-07-04 03:51    

Sweet, glad that you decided to release them :)

2.   Posted by M4rl0Nss   2014-07-16 04:13    

Very nice mod.. Gonna try it, hope works on LE2MWM.. :)

3.   Posted by Cberner1992   2014-08-10 13:50    

I could't find the passangers door in shop
it's missing :/

4.   Posted by lhm8884   2014-08-24 11:02    


5.   Posted by Bartjuhgti   2014-08-30 08:30    

Nice car only the passenger door in de catalog? i cant find it anywere can you fix this?

6.   Posted by M4rl0Nss   2014-11-25 14:11    

Crashed my LE2MWM.. Idk with you guys..??

7.   Posted by kwikcheezewu   2015-05-07 03:11    

Looks great, high quality model. Only problem for me is that I don't see any body parts (bumpers, fenders, doors, sideskirts) in the catalog. Only see the windows and lights. I'm on SLRRMWM2011 The Compilation STAGE1 which is based off 2.2.1 MWM. This is one of a few BMW cars that I have found that are missing the body parts. Rest of the add-on cars have at least all stock body parts... ???

8.   Posted by slrdrifting   2017-01-03 17:34    

someone uploaded it to

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