HRE and BBS rims

Rim pack by : Migx Garage / Migx96
HRE and BBS Rims hope you like !!
Where is RED is where it's paintable ;)
Rims are : r16
The picture is a bug do not know why...
1.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-08-06 17:48    

Sweet, good to see so many new-comers stand out to claim the rights of public mods! Keep 'em coming, kiddos.

2.   Posted by Remco   2014-08-06 20:23    

Nice job but aren't those models made by franco? and you've put a BBS logo on a SSR rim :O

3.   Posted by Migx Garage   2014-08-06 21:55    

Thanks guys :D

4.   Posted by Daniel   2014-08-06 23:46    

Fail much?! Franco's models, HRE logos on Rotiform rims, and BBS logo on SSR rim? lawl.

5.   Posted by Migx Garage   2014-08-07 20:41    

first do not know if the models are "Franco" and not only know that I found on the net and sorry if the second station logos ill put the wheels was just coming on the image when downloaded, if not third like and not downloading .. fourth excuse my bad english;)

6.   Posted by Remco   2014-08-08 19:58    

atleast edit the page and credit Franco

7.   Posted by Wannabe Tuner   2019-05-07 22:35    

The link is broken.

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