Third release of my pack

Many people told me to do rim pack. So there it is. Author of models is JonVer87x

Don't forgot it's still beta - if you find bug, feel forced to write it in comments ;)
1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2014-08-14 13:25    

good stuff man! :) I'd update the download instead of adding a new one tho

2.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-08-14 14:26    

I've updated it, I think. However, Mediafire don't let me update the file tho :/

3.   Posted by tomaukz   2014-08-14 15:03    

Nice job KeeJay as usual, so happy to see that people havent completely abandoned SLRR yet since i got into it only a little while ago

4.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-08-14 15:26    

you can change download link when updating.

5.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-08-14 15:55    

I know, I did... Damn, I'm not that noob...

6.   Posted by Mks   2014-08-15 01:31    

greeeeat! man thanks for share this

7.   Posted by dm0   2014-08-17 02:59    

Nice Pack :woot:

8.   Posted by Canvas   2014-08-19 19:33    


9.   Posted by doge   2014-09-28 19:04    

nice ;)

10.   Posted by kuwu   2014-11-11 23:41    

love it :drool2:

11.   Posted by M4rl0Nss   2014-11-21 15:39    

No Adjustable Offset..??

12.   Posted by Ey papa   2015-12-13 23:58    

do you think it will be possible to add adjustable offset?

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