This was the first car mod i have ever made, i redid it 5 times(including this last one) because of various problems/errors that occured in each version, at some point i decided it to leave it aside and work on anything else in the order to get all the knowledge i needed to do this last one.

It is not 100% perfect(99.9% is enough tho :D ) but i think it's the best mod i did so far, and i hope you'll enjoy it as i'm enjoying it now that it's done.

Is highly suggested download VStanced HD plates and Alfa Romeo Bialbero to fully enjoy this mod.


- Original color from catalog
- Lots of custom hand modeled parts(includes GTAm wide body kit)
- 2 chassis(Normal, Stripped)
- Hand made rpk(written from scratch)
- Already compatible with almost every worthy engine(from 2JZ to VR38DETT)
- 100% built-in rpk custom flares
- Real spec gauges
- Custom headlights flare texture(based on Franco's bora flare)
- Custom glow meshes
- Interior lighting
- Custom physics and weights for every part(real weight and balancement)
- Custom engine(separate download)
- Custom 60's style plate textures(for VStanced HD plates)
- Original front and rear brakes
- 2 rim sets(Stock GT/GTA, Campagnolo GTAm)
- Custom 3D tires
- Custom hand modeled battery
- Realistic rollbar(it actually stiffens the chassis)
- VStanced keychain :D
and many more.

Thanks to Franco for modeling the Campagnolo wheels and Pirelli tyres.

BUBBLE WIDE BODY KIT - HOTFIX(included on main download from 20/10/2014)


Have fun!


Do you like my mods? If so why dont you hold on a minute and consider offering me a beer? :cheers:

1.   Posted by doge   2014-10-19 10:38    

nooice, cant wait :O

2.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2014-10-19 12:49    

Prepare yourselves, Cuore Sportivo incoming :-X

3.   Posted by Tubaman   2014-10-19 18:08    

4.   Posted by riccardo93ppp   2014-10-19 21:31    


5.   Posted by juvika   2014-10-20 01:03    

Awsome car!

6.   Posted by NK748   2014-10-20 07:52    

Finally!! My most expected mod is coming, and i'm not disappointed at all!

bubble bodykit is buggy though : it doesn't appear and make car drow into the ground and make shadow disappear too when coming back to garage
Nevermind, great mod

7.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-10-20 14:47    

I fixed it NK, check the hotfix download above in the page. :D

8.   Posted by Matthias067   2014-10-21 01:43    

Duuuude. I want to kiss you so much

I've been waiting for an old Giulia for soo long, as my dad owns a '73 Giulia 1600 Super (the sedan) :P

9.   Posted by NK748   2014-10-21 08:05    

Thanks, working fine, now too bad i don't have more time to play with it but you can't do anything to help :D

10.   Posted by Ryancooper   2014-10-21 23:50    

No error logo,vt´s errors,and other sh#ts...I can say without doubt that was the best mod ever made for this buggy but lovely game.Great work BB93! :-X

11.   Posted by Gastroker   2014-10-23 01:29    

No matter how perfect a mod is, there's always one person who says it crashes their game, and today it is me lol. Probably my fault though

12.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-10-30 22:34    

Wow Very Nice, Such attention to details I love it. Keep Up the Good work Big Boss

13.   Posted by Nightblade94   2014-12-11 18:37    

Awesome car, does somebody else has problems with flipping on sharp turns, cant understand why it does that.

14.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2015-01-04 23:01    

It's how the car behaves in real life too, a real MAN car, not everybody can drive it fast.. check the pics in the spoiler:

15.   Posted by D.rovers   2015-01-19 18:55    

i realy love alfa's good job :awesome:

16.   Posted by RobOnPc   2017-02-07 11:19    

I can't fucking place the damn battery. it's been annoying me for days.

17.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-10-07 23:54    

LOL Have you tried installing the battery holder first? xD

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