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Remember that this is a normal 2.2.1MWM with the addition of few new functionalities, so if your mod worked before(on MWM) it will also now.
What i meant above - in short: it will keep crashing if you use sh*tty, badly compiled mods. :pathead:

Any error not reported on the known bugs list is not my responsibility, the game has been tested step by step for an year from 20 persons and from about other 30 on its final stage for one month before the release without having any bug of sort.

In the package you'll find a clean preinstalled game with only few mods, drop it wherever you like and play.

- The game saves only on main menu
- Cheats has been shortened in: money(ex begformoney), promotion(ex fastpromotion) and cheating(ex ilikecheating).
- It is not a miracle, set it accordingly to your pc specs to prevent lags.
- The game was designed to work on 16:9(generally wide) screens, if you have a 4:3/5:4 screen unpack the "4_3_resolution_classes.rar" from "*\BB93_SLRR2015\sl\Scripts\game\".
- You can use your own cars as menu one simply saving them as "Menu" from Main Menu's "Save Car" button or delete it from Options "Delete Car" button.
- Track's fog is set consequently to max view distance.
- Sometimes you could get the error "!missing 'return (expr)' at" in error.log, it means that one or more of your cars have broken VT and Main javas, doing so it prevents crashes.
- It is compatible with LE2MWM, thought it'll remove my custom "by-tyre-size" catalog.

Fixed Keys:
Keyboard 7 - Random Left/Right camera tilt
Keyboard 8 - Left(-) camera tilt
Keyboard 9 - Right(+) camera tilt
Keyboard 0 - Zero camera tilt

F6 - Live garage(sequential Wrench(mount/unmount), Screwdriver(fine tuning), Painter, Off
F7 - Quick repair and car repositioning(if upside-down)

P - Car coordinates(for map makers)
N - Show/hide Minimap
L - Lights switch

Editable Keys:
Numpad * - Music volume up
Numpad / - Music volume down

Known bugs:
- Could happen that your car floats and slip with zero grip, delete the options save(*\save\game\) to fix it(alternative solution; drift mode: on, restart, drift mode: off, restart, enjoy).
- If you press the N button(minimap enable/disable) on a track without map your game will crash.
- LE2MWM doesnt work(crashes at catalog), you can use LE2BB93 but it'll make you lose the fantawesome tyre catalog(link below).

Adnan54 - Low res trees addon beta tester
DHR - Traffic cars, fake racers and new Valo's meshes ripping.
Diegorborges - Base game(Stage 1).
Facepalm - Beta tester for garage crash fix.
Harrison15 - Painter script.
Illking - Extended memory executable tweak suggestions.
JoeAlex - Crash on startup bugfix(only for some computers).
Mindeliszz - HD icons.
Miran - Help on alpha sorting(new trees).
Pro7 - Textures research(sea).
RAXAT - Help on many issues(java and objects replacement).
Remco - Top alpha/beta tester(been testing and helping me since the first tweaks).
Robban9000 - Skyline R33 traffic car.

Boss'Crew - Beta test, suggestions and general help.
DS members - Beta test.

BB93 SLRR2015 - v1.1 UPDATE(included in main download since 05/Jan/2015)

STARTUP CRASH - HOTFIX(not included in main download)

LOW RES TREES - DOWNLOAD(not included in main download)

LE2BB93 v2.0 - DOWNLOAD PAGE(not included in main download)


- DO NOT delete the stock cars folders for any reason, they contain stock cars physics and some javas and are meant to stay there to have full compatibility with mods that use them instead of having their own(otherwise enjoy the crashes :D ), you'll find a backup of complete original cars and only compatibility mode inside "*\cars\racers\".
- DO NOT use SLRR Editor on the AlfaRomeo_Bialbero.rpk since it is like my LS3, it fits every car by its own and once you use SLRR Editor it'll f*ck up and not work anymore properly, so simply remove the rpk everytime you use it or deal with a broken engine.
- DO NOT drop the game above an older installation.
- DO NOT ask me for javas, not publicly nor in pm, i will release them once i feel to do it. I will delete everything as soon as i get the first request of release. Well i felt like doing it, it's included in the main game download since 05/Jan/2015.

Have fun!


Do you like my mods? If so why dont you hold on a minute and consider offering me a beer? :cheers:

1.   Posted by jdmface   2014-10-19 08:13    

can't wait

2.   Posted by Deathedit   2014-10-19 10:50    

hory shet

3.   Posted by ThrowawayBag131   2014-10-19 16:57    


4.   Posted by dthug69   2014-10-19 17:50    

:troll: :troll: yaaasss

5.   Posted by xCabz   2014-10-19 21:07    

:awesome: :awesome:

6.   Posted by xCabz   2014-10-19 21:09    

Its coming.....i sense the high quality.

7.   Posted by ThrowawayBag131   2014-10-19 21:11    

@xcabz the high quality wont be the only thing coming upon release... If you catch my drift.

8.   Posted by CrazyPlays   2014-10-19 21:25    


9.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2014-10-19 21:27    

Can't wait *-*

10.   Posted by ThrowawayBag131   2014-10-19 21:31    


11.   Posted by xCabz   2014-10-19 21:46    


12.   Posted by CrazyPlays   2014-10-19 22:03    

already tested it ! it's awsome !!!! Portuguese comunity representing :D

13.   Posted by Dylanvan   2014-10-19 22:12    

I crash at launch an idea of the problem please ?

14.   Posted by VilzuX   2014-10-19 22:17    

Epic! Thanks BB93!

15.   Posted by gt3076r   2014-10-19 22:47    

dank,can't wait for it to finish downloading

16.   Posted by NidzaFG   2014-10-19 23:13    

I like this game so far,but I can't find my addon engine parts?Any help?

17.   Posted by JokaRC   2014-10-19 23:45    

Hi, when I try to put an engine in the game, I can't find any parts for it, I can only buy the already built engine in the engine kits section. These are engines that usually work on the LE version of the game. Is there any solutions to this?

18.   Posted by thyago95   2014-10-20 00:28    

the game is perfect but the le2mwm dont work and i have the same problem the JokaRC

19.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-10-20 00:38    

You might have installed it unproperly, there's people using it with LE2MWM from months, try reinstalling it. ;)

20.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-10-20 00:45    

@ NidzaFG : Your engines are probably scripted for 2.3.0LE (or SLRR by Jack, or something else with a custom engine catalog). Use 2.2.1MWM version engines.

21.   Posted by dthug69   2014-10-20 01:38    

Thank you so much man!!!!! :troll: :awesome: :D :pimping:

22.   Posted by Ebplague   2014-10-20 01:56    

Can't wait to give it a try, your mods are great bb93 :cheers:

23.   Posted by joaovitorcampos   2014-10-20 02:18    

Aqui da error ao abrir : '' SLRR Parou De Funcionar '' Ja baixei 3 vezes

24.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-10-20 03:38    

This game is a must have. Awesome job boss!

The only bugs i've founded so far (and i guess are the only ones) are:

For some reason i can manage to get automatic to work.. no matter wich option i choose, its alwas on manual.

There is a bug with Alfa transmission, it only lets you change gear up to 2. Then if you wanto to change to 3rd gear, it automaticlly changes down back to 2nd (Need to test with other engine)

I get this error on .log "!Mighty ERROR" what does this mean?

These are minor things. But its a really dam good job.

25.   Posted by thyago95   2014-10-20 06:43    

Bigg Boss93 i now that is because of the i am ask, i put the files like i do on a normal mwm

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