UPDATED 2014.11.12

Fixed fuel rails can't be put on stage 4 intake manifold

This includes performance parts for the RB26 created by Timek9. All parts use original models and textures but are re scripted to add a performance aspect. Pack includes stock motor and 4 stages of power up to near 1200hp. This pack does not include the SR20, it has been removed completely. This is version 1.0 and does not include twin turbo parts upgrades, those will be added later, among other minor parts. No Sources are included. No extra kits were added, so you'll have to put the parts together yourself, but most are labeled "stage 1, stage 2" etc, along with added details in the descriptions. All parts are an attempt to be accurate with an actual product.
Credit to Timek9 for creating all the original models, textures, meshes, java's and the original nissan engine pack. I simply added scripts and created performance parts.

Any errors or typos or suggestions( twin turbo ideas) please pm me.

Timek9 holds no responsibility at the fault of errors with this product.
I've converted rpk to MWM, fixed some stuff and included original sources.
Also there's sources for Shift 2 sounds inside "scripts/src/block src for sounds".
If you want to use my sounds you need to copy javas from "scripts/src/block src for sounds" ant paste it to "scripts/src" and download

Whats new:
-New sounds inside the mod, no need to download stuff + BOV sounds(also credits to Harrison15 for his turbo identification script)
-Catalog fixes
-Removed useless sounds

If you find any bugs, report to me via pm.
1.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-10-30 15:50    

Finding this with a MWM .rpk was exactly what I needed.

2.   Posted by qevin   2014-10-30 17:27    

This is a great mod! but i cant make the SRC-sounds to work :/

3.   Posted by Runaeh   2014-10-30 18:07    

is there javas with it?

4.   Posted by qevin   2014-10-30 18:14    

no worries i got it to work, thanks!

5.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-10-30 18:34    

@Runaeh yes, but only for original parts

6.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-10-30 23:13    

Nice I was looking for a RB26 now I can Make My S14 I always dream about (When I'm sleeping and I dream about an S14) XD

7.   Posted by MADAZ_09   2014-10-31 02:51    

ive got this and ive always been curious with why there is no stage 4 clutch and flywheel set up, and how everything for the block and internals is built for a RB30 set up but the head and rest is 26 set up? i tried creating javas for it so i could make some sort of a full rb30 but never worked haha :)

8.   Posted by LeweMan24   2015-01-19 22:20    

I have a problem, i cant find the turbos, and all the parts appear in the v16 catalog, i use 2.3.0, can you help me please?

9.   Posted by ediablom   2015-03-27 21:59    

@MADAZ_09 the reason the stage 4 build is an rb30 block with and rb26 head setup is because this is a common highend build people usually do because of the obvious bigger displacement of the block but mounting the rb26 head on it is better because it has dual overhead cams

10.   Posted by terrytek   2015-05-13 00:57    

I think you should put the SR20 back in the kit, since the one on vstanced already isn't exactly good.

11.   Posted by danny   2015-09-06 15:21    

i cant the engine start when i install the stage 4 block

12.   Posted by xCentriq   2015-10-22 11:13    

I'm unable to install the Intake and Ex camshafts :\

13.   Posted by thejudge989   2016-01-14 14:47    

The engine is great, the only problem i have is that the turbos deteriorate FAST, one race and its down to 0%, even if i tune down the boost. Awesome engine and sound no doubt :)

14.   Posted by tombaddog   2016-02-29 05:56    


15.   Posted by francksomething   2016-12-29 22:28    

i dont find the parts in catalog

16.   Posted by thomasmiller1996   2017-05-30 06:54    

so when I install this I get some of the parts in v16 but not all of them what am I doing wrong?

17.   Posted by dallas16025   2017-08-30 01:17    

on 2.2.1 all the turbo piping is missing in the catalog ... is there something missing or am i just not seeing it???

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