Engine ripped from here: *LINK*
Converted to MWM and fixed sounds.
Includes rescripted engine block java.
1.   Posted by Guppy   2014-10-30 20:07    

Thank you :D

2.   Posted by ozal   2014-11-05 06:22    

looks really good love it!

3.   Posted by hitman3695   2014-11-30 12:40    

Can you make FWD parts for this engine? E.g. Transmission, Exhausts, Radiator, Intake, etc.?

4.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-11-30 17:34    


5.   Posted by HAROS0   2014-12-07 11:16    

crashes my game even if i have nothing installed,then ! i need to re install everything so it works

6.   Posted by dxg1997   2014-12-29 22:26    

Could you maybe add a turbo, instead of just a supercharger? (Awesome engine btw. Good power, great sound, I use it in everything, but fwd would be nice...)

7.   Posted by HAROS0   2015-04-08 12:28    

crashes my game..

8.   Posted by Deej smiles-yo   2015-04-23 18:18    

I'm in need of a FWD 4age motor if possible like my man hitman3695 asked please bro

9.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-07-21 14:45    

Does not work to add through SLRREditor and f--ks up the cars you tried to add this at so you´ll need to reinstall mods. Any fix for this?

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