Reupload because it couldn't be found anywhere

It's the Jansen X12 from Burnout Paradise. Converted by Robban_9000, all credits go to him. Enjoy :)


For some reason, the car doesn't take any engines. You'll have to configure it yourself.
1.   Posted by Mostwanted2005   2015-01-26 16:42    

pls make more this is amazing

2.   Posted by Minion   2015-01-27 17:26    

Thanks i am searching this car two years.

3.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-01-27 20:43    

Facepalm did you add more engines to this without minding the _main .cfg to contain the same information?

That is usually the case when this occurs!

4.   Posted by ZackZonda   2015-01-29 18:31    

I love you!!!! yes :pimping:

5.   Posted by Josh.   2016-06-10 02:30    

Dis Is Incredible :bow: :pimping: :thumbsup: :ohsnap: :iagree:

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