adjustable tranny and 918hp

here are some scripts I had made for the B18
What is new-tranny can be adjusted between FWD RWD and AWD and it has a 6 speed gearbox
-the turbo setup is wild low boost offers low-mid power but adjust the turbo to the max and you will have about 920hp depending on your fuel
installation just replace the src folder in you B18/scripts folder and test it out
most of all ENJOY
1.   Posted by NewBarni   2015-03-01 11:07    

Not working for me on 2.2.1mwm :(

2.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-03-01 16:17    

You should have made this as an addon mod with extra accessories for the engine connecting through external links IMO.

3.   Posted by pols   2015-07-21 19:21    

íts not work in 2.2.1 mwm

4.   Posted by ZEX   2015-10-26 20:15    

works on 2.3.0?

5.   Posted by toni10322   2016-01-28 11:15    

2.3.0 not find turbo

6.   Posted by jokey_jesus   2017-06-21 05:47    

very easy to install just click on the b18 folder and scripts folder then change the src

7.   Posted by jokey_jesus   2017-06-21 05:58    

turbo is not showing up for me

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