2015 BMW M135i Cup (F22)

Quick convert from Assetto Corsa

- Standalone Mod
- Stock Wheels
- Stock Brakes
- Multiple Liveries
- Awesome Light Glows
- Based on the 135i by Franco and Diego so it's a solid driver
- Comes build from the catalog
- Catalog cleaned
- Scripts and meshes folders cleaned of unwanted parts

And if you support my mods, you can always buy me a beer to keep motivated!

Some Pictures

1.   Posted by doge   2015-04-02 19:04    

awesome mod

2.   Posted by adnan54   2015-04-02 19:34    


3.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-04-02 20:09    

The second rear end pic at the tailights is psychodelic.

4.   Posted by Homer341   2015-04-02 20:14    

looks great!

5.   Posted by Snowfox   2015-04-02 20:19    

Awesome job man!

6.   Posted by Ey papa   2015-04-03 00:00    

Wow Jabiza, Awesome Conversion, What's Next for Us?
Suprise Us with Something Awesome

7.   Posted by gt3076r   2015-04-03 00:52    


8.   Posted by luisdj14   2015-04-03 01:06    

this makes my pants tighter

9.   Posted by ernis   2015-04-05 08:45    

:pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :doge: jeeeeeeeey

10.   Posted by George_Monroe   2015-04-05 12:03    


11.   Posted by duuuhitschris   2015-06-24 23:23    

My favorite BMW as of right now other than the M4 :D

12.   Posted by Masrter JDM   2015-07-22 01:51    

How do I get the other skins

13.   Posted by zaznetkherson   2015-12-02 20:59    

I'm not found in mod the first white wersion with black wheels? where is this wersion?

14.   Posted by Saxers!   2016-01-28 18:36    

:awesome: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :pimping: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :doge: :troll: :))

15.   Posted by bbqboy666   2016-08-12 06:46    

:cheers: bro, great mod!

16.   Posted by whyzck   2016-09-24 21:39    

why i cant change the skin? and i cant even paint the car! :crying: :crying: :crying: pls fix it im fckin love ur work man!

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