This map is very detailed(not really, but it's heavy as f* lol) so dont blame me if it doesnt work properly(might be time to buy a new machine, baby). :D

Have fun!


Do you like my mods? If so why dont you hold on a minute and consider offering me a beer? :cheers:

1.   Posted by doge   2015-05-24 20:50    

nooice map, love my pic on that s14

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2015-05-24 21:01    

pussey is finally out in the wild :D this is as epic as it gets girls ;)

3.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2015-05-24 21:02    

lovly doge :doge:

4.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2015-05-24 21:26    

Exelente work as always, beautiful map, congratulations Big Boss :cheers:

5.   Posted by blast   2015-05-25 01:02    

Never thought this would get released. Awesome work man!

6.   Posted by Supremen96   2015-05-25 08:25    


7.   Posted by Kornis   2015-05-25 09:04    

Nice map

8.   Posted by Coprone   2015-05-25 19:14    

My map mods are dead now

9.   Posted by Homer341   2015-05-25 19:45    

Woah, awesome map, never thought it will be released, nice work dude!

10.   Posted by gt3076r   2015-05-25 22:38    

Amazing work as usual.

11.   Posted by pouchki974   2015-05-27 16:39    

how to put the rivals please?

12.   Posted by Ey papa   2015-05-28 16:25    

What are the Places for the cars? (When I save a car)

13.   Posted by mejazzy   2015-06-05 13:35    


14.   Posted by FamousMan   2015-06-10 06:41    

Am I the only one that can't find the actual garage on the map? lol

15.   Posted by IcyPeak   2015-06-11 11:03    

but my pc is a genuine P.O.C.,I have in it a pentium dual core with 1,99G of RAM,so if this will work please say to me,
but I think will not. :headbang: X-(

16.   Posted by pouchki974   2015-07-20 17:24    

comment mettre les rivaux s'il vous plaƮt?

17.   Posted by NikiLauda   2015-08-03 18:28    

Save the cars as "Pudsey_car1" (up to "Pudsey_car34") , then turn left in the road that takes you to the gas station , go straight and in a few minutes you should see some road signs (like 2000sq.ft. for sale or smth like that) , turn left again and you're almost there.

18.   Posted by MikeStoneJr   2015-08-04 10:39    

Is there anyway shape or form, You could make this a normal Garage map?

19.   Posted by Noiszia   2016-02-06 01:15    

Password ?

20.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2016-09-15 14:20    


21.   Posted by Rodmann112312   2017-03-04 15:02    

i cant find the vstanced garage lol i just go in circles

22.   Posted by Princevolution   2017-05-21 12:32    

I love this,But it would be more awesome if this map has just only the garage.

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