This is my first rimpack so don't blame on me, I kinda like and it has been made for a friend but I decide to share with the VS community too sooo:

Rotiform CUP

Their face is paintable face with white Rotiform text, they are a bit deep but I'm not the author of the model so deal with it, and they came in size 16 to 19, tested with BB93's tyres and game.

Download link only for members and it's forbidden upload them somewhere else.

Enjoy, if you find any bugs let me know!

Credits to JonVerx87 for the model, me for the convert and Remco for his help!

1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-06-25 20:16    


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3.   Posted by Andrew96   2015-06-26 00:45    

awesome :O :pimping:

4.   Posted by Yeda   2015-06-26 22:54    

Nice wheels.

5.   Posted by bloodsucker69   2015-07-09 15:02    

PerfectO!!! :bananajump:

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