This mod allows you to install custom hud/osd in every car mod only adding some lines in the car cfg (without modify the car rpk).

To install just copy and replace the file "cars.rpk" and "cars" folder to your games folder.

To install it in your car, all who you need is paste these lines to your car _main cfg:

By default it comes with original analog gauges from Benyuk's tutorial in GOM Team, but you can easily adapt it to others osd in few steps:

>Copy your custom osd texture to "cars\osd\textures"
>Change these ids from these lines:

osd_rpm			0x0000BAA4 	 1.830 -0.900 -0.001 0xFFFFFFFF	%03.0f 
osd_rpmpin		0x0000BAA5 	 1.830 -0.988 0.000 3.94 -0.00045 -0.80 3.74 
to this ones:
osd_rpm			0x0002BAA4 	 1.830 -0.900 -0.001 0xFFFFFFFF	%03.0f 
osd_rpmpin		0x0002BAA5 	 1.830 -0.988 0.000 3.94 -0.00045 -0.80 3.74

Basicaly you need change the 4th "0" after the "x" for 2.
0x0000BAA4 to 0x0002BAA4
0x0000BAA5 to 0x0002BAA5

If you have problems or doubts, post a comment here and i will try to help you :D
1.   Posted by gorgoil   2015-07-21 18:32    

Why I never thought about that '-' Great work bro BRCrew é o poder :D

2.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-07-22 17:32    

I did this for my own OSD, except in racers.rpk instead of cars.rpk. It worked the same way, except with 0x0003____ instead of 0x0002____.

3.   Posted by adnan54   2015-07-22 18:01    

I used the cars.rpk because some peoples have a modded racers.rpk with new lights and these things..

4.   Posted by hitman3695   2015-09-16 11:02    

Not too sure what is going on here???
Was There a specific location I was supposed to paste script in the CFG?

5.   Posted by Viper4K   2015-11-11 14:05    


i used g4tnt's forza osd once, and ther was place to put it:
between cockpit_rpm and endcompound.

Arrow was working fine, only turbo and nitrous bar was a little bit misplaced.

Also, Is it your own OSD texture?

Here's a pic (it sucks, because: 1. windowed mode, 2. low end PC)

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