This game is OLD, and I can't find any legitimate download, so I uploaded it here, and hopefully other people will enjoy it like I do. One of the best offroading games I've played, other then Beam.NG or RoR. Some screenies!

1.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-09-03 15:01    

Cars in early BeamNG alphas are like zero weight & grip, which makes them barely able to drive. RoR, on the other hand, has better grip and weight (or gravity) representation, but cars are SO easy to get destroyed.

So all in all I'll still stick to Motor M4X, although it doesn't support mods but default cars are providing great fun.

Thanks for uploading this underrated stuff!

2.   Posted by jannekoskinen   2015-09-04 04:45    

thanks for reminding me that i have this gem installed on my external hd

3.   Posted by razer11   2015-09-05 14:34    

This legit doesn't have any virus rite

4.   Posted by dxg1997   2015-09-06 01:54    

^no it doesn't. I have it installed on my computer and Norton Security Suite and MalwareBytes don't see it as a virus. You can exclude it from your firewall or whatever else you use and you'll be completely safe. Oh, and sorry, it's MotorM4x: Extreme Offroad, not MotorM4

5.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-09-07 09:07    

AVG even detects shit as virus :))

6.   Posted by dxg1997   2015-09-09 17:13    

Yeah AVG is a piece. You should get rid of it, cuz it's probably doing more harm then good on your PC xD

7.   Posted by slick   2015-10-08 00:20    

If you want a "legitimate copy". It's on Steam and it's about $4.

8.   Posted by thejanitor64   2015-11-05 00:50    

it is not on steam

9.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-05-13 18:15    

.exe Only usable twice, and then it starts opening, and doesn't, no matter how hard you try. Fix please?

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