SSR F5 15-16

Some sweet SSR F5's Ive had sitting for a bit and decided to finish for you guys!

Sizes are 16x10, 16x13, 15x10 and 15x13. The RealStuff tires fit best and can be found in the download section in there old school rim pack. Paintable faces and Adjustable offset. If anyone finds a problem let me know and Ill fix it!

Credits to JonVer87x for the model then edited by me.

Happy Holidays!!

Members only download.
!! Name me as author if Uploaded anywhere else!!

Tires can be found HERE

1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2015-12-29 10:01    

Nice stuff!

2.   Posted by LoganC   2015-12-29 10:04    

Thanks BB93!!

3.   Posted by BLiTZ   2015-12-29 10:45    

Beautiful rims Logan :)

4.   Posted by Hinata23   2015-12-29 12:28    

Nice one! :) Thanks for sharing

5.   Posted by peugueot205gt   2015-12-29 14:38    

damn those are deep!

6.   Posted by Coss   2015-12-29 15:08    

Amazing mod :O Thank you

7.   Posted by peugueot205gt   2015-12-29 15:16    

link to the tyres, cant find them...

8.   Posted by Mks   2015-12-29 18:02    


9.   Posted by LoganC   2015-12-29 18:32    

Update: Link to the Rimpack containing the tires to be used.

10.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2015-12-29 19:20    

Nice work, Logan! :cheers:

11.   Posted by vovi4   2015-12-29 20:28    


12.   Posted by Chugle   2015-12-29 20:48    


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