Official plates

BB93's birthday present to VStanced, updated by RedCarDriver as a New Year's 2016 gift

2015/12/30 Update - Contains multiple plate designs that can all be used at once in one pic, like THIS (click). Has 5 separate US plate designs, 3 EU, 3 AU, 2 DE, 2 UK. Also has lots of new plate templates HERE (clicky).

Read the readme to be sure to use it in the proper way ;)

how install it on a car:
!!you need a car with plate slot!!

1. support (positionable, paintable)
2. plateholder (rotatable, paintable)
3. plate (four different sizes, DE square, EU straight, UK square, US)
4. screws (maziora and paintable)
5. plate frame (VStanced original and paintable)

Have fun!


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1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-02-27 19:10    

UPDATE (2016-02-27): Added one more of each of the EU, US, and AU plates. This way, two different cars can each have a front and back Euro plate, like the white/yellow thing in the UK and in France. Additionally, the plates themselves are now at the end of the catalog, to improve loading efficiency.

If you want to copy the update in without losing your old plates, you can extract only the Scripts folder and the RPK, and then just the AU_4, EU_4, and US_6 textures.

2.   Posted by BossMan   2016-02-27 19:29    

Any way to add to cars without slots?

3.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-03-05 00:44    

Easy... add slots to it. :P


slot		0.000 0.000 0.000	3.142 0.000 0.000	6	; Registration
attach		0x0004D326 1
attach		0x0004D331 1
slot		0.000 0.000 0.000	0.000 0.000 0.000	6	; Registration
attach		0x0004D326 1
attach		0x0004D331 1

4.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-04-23 02:55    

UPDATE (2016-04-22): Added two more of each of the DE and UK plates, bringing each up to 4.

5.   Posted by Sawblade Dude   2016-09-03 02:57    

This mod is awesome for adding that extra bit of details to cars.

6.   Posted by piotrek18tw   2017-09-08 21:02    

I think I did sth wrong...

I've got 2.3.1. These plates work properly (they show up in neon category lol) but the problem is - I just downloaded this archive and there are only one plate each type. How to get 4 of each with diff numbers on in game?

edit: i'm idiot. Just sorted out, lol. Nvm :P

7.   Posted by slammedsocietyid43   2017-10-07 15:03    

is that including a nevada states ?

8.   Posted by krylle25   2018-09-06 13:02    

i need the mod

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