SLRR-ready FM series wheels in .max files

After long time on my hard drive (and my cloud) I decided to release this pack as just .max files, because I totally lost my interest in doing all the scripts and stuff. And I know you requested many rims here, and you probably want them - here you have possibility to put them yourself ;)

Feel free to do whatever you want with these, just don't forget to credit me and T10.

Technical stuff:
- most of wheels are in 19x11 size. They can be resized with Rim Resizes script;
- most of wheels are retextured and remapped;
- all of the wheels use custom textures with high quality logos and stuff. They don't use body textures like they used to in FM though - just plain color textures like it's used to be in SLRR wheels.
- some wheels need adjustments, e.g. Volk F-Zero lug nuts, some need much more fixing - Tenzo DC5, and some are too low poly to look good - Enkei Arashi.

Click the spoiler for all (I think) wheel pics.

All models are taken from Forza series games (Forza Motorsport 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Horizon 2), and they belong to Turn 10 Studios. I (KeeJay) have just altered them to fit better in SLRR.
If you are owner of part of content used in this pack and you don't want it to be released within it, PM me, and we'll reach the agreement.
Special thanks to Harrison15 and BiggBoss93 for helping me with most of the issues I had with this pack and my SLRR-oriented skills overall.

PS: It has nothing to do with my on-going wheelpack :) It's still on.
1.   Posted by adnan54   2016-06-16 16:13    

Thanks :awesome:

2.   Posted by Hinata23   2016-06-16 16:19    

Darn, lovely pack! Thanks for the effort, KeeJay :)

3.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-06-16 16:22    

Holy shit, that's a lot of high-poly rims... Sweet work Kee!

4.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-06-16 17:17    

No problem, thanks.

They are not that high-poly btw ;)

5.   Posted by Eren   2016-07-02 02:34    

Thank you KeeJay! These are great and I really enjoy using them!

6.   Posted by Jehh   2017-07-03 22:05    

theeree are sooo many , ITS LITTT :O :O :drool2: :drool2:

7.   Posted by StratoWolf   2018-02-18 19:16    

I am going into this with no idea about scripting at all.

8.   Posted by botika92   2018-02-26 18:17    

How to install?

9.   Posted by DHR   2018-07-24 13:08    

Did anyone ever make this in game? I dont have time

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