19" size scripted, rest in .max files.

Same as the FM wheel pack - I'm not interested in scripting it anymore and furthermore - I've modelled Te37 for my on-going wipka pack.

Feel free to do whatever you want with these, just don't forget to credit me and T10.

Technical stuff:
- 19x11 size is scripted in zTe37 pack. You can drop it in game and play. They probably crash your game, but whatever.
- .max file contains all wheels in 19x11 size, they can be resized with Rim Resizer script.
- models use custom textures with high-quality logos and stuff. Well, some of them are HQ.
- almost all materials need fixes. To be honest, these materials suck. Use new.

Volk Racing TE37 model is taken from Forza Motorsport 4, and it belongs to Turn 10 Studios. I (KeeJay) have just altered it to fit better in SLRR and made special editions. Lug nut model by unknown author.
If you are owner of part of content used in this pack and you don't want it to be released within it, PM me, and we'll reach the agreement.
Special thanks to Harrison15 and BiggBoss93 for helping me with most of the issues I had with this pack and my SLRR-oriented skills overall.

PS: It has nothing to do with my on-going wheelpack :) It's still on.
1.   Posted by ShinErkumer   2016-07-01 14:34    

Are you going to make more versions for other wheel sizes? 18-inch and 17-inch versions would be neat, and I'm aiming to slap some 17's on my R34.

2.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-07-01 17:29    


3.   Posted by SilverFatalis   2017-10-14 18:24    

how to install ?

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