My first car mod :D
It is good in general but there's a lot of things to do (such as physics).
It have they own brake system, a fake box with specs engine and a lot of other cool and useless stuffs
1.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-09-25 10:55    

This thing is a BEAST. Shame about the speedometer calibration, however.

2.   Posted by Lagano   2016-09-25 12:22    

That looks nice, even if it's not finished. I saw this car on YouTube some time ago, and now it's finally here. :)

3.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-09-25 14:20    

Yeah, me too. Also, (XD) the front and back bumper phys are the wrong way around; I just renamed them and it was sooo much better.

4.   Posted by DontMindMe   2016-10-11 04:56    

Damn it crashes my catalog. RIP. I'll put it in a fresh game and see if it fixes it.

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