Hello! Some of you may know me or maybe heard about me in the past. Or even use some of my very very old SLRR mods I used to make back in the day but unfortunatelly I'm no more into SLRR these days. What the "adult life" let me do in my few free hours is to play and make some videos, testing the cars from lots of driving games. I'm the kind of guy that enjoy driving everything with wheels (or not?) then the Game Car View channel has born. It's the place where I post those videos and I hope you guys like it!

Quick intro ended, let's go to what matters, the first video I'll be sharing with you:

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Do you really need snow tires? If your objective is pure fun, the answer may be no. To prove that, we took the king of the autobahn, the BMW M5 E28 completely stock for some snow driving. The Winter is here! The Blizzard Mountain Expansion finally arrived and we're taking some cars to play in the snow!

1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2016-12-15 15:41    

Very cool video Diego!

2.   Posted by diegorborges   2016-12-15 16:40    

Thank you! :)

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