SR20 Vk with new setup/mesh

First i don't knw the real owner of the stockmod.

i've add a little work on this: the turbo setup at the top.

Enjoy :)

1.   Posted by kscf31   2017-02-22 01:20    

Love this mod. Love that it has the sources and that it has the top mount turbo. Only issue with it is I wish it had a different intercooler setup, but no big deal. I really liked the intercooler and rad options on the original SR mod, but this thing is strong! Had to edit the source files to get better durability, but other than that great mod!

2.   Posted by kscf31   2017-02-22 01:20    

Also a downpipe on the top mount turbo would be cool, but again, I'm being picky

3.   Posted by dowdow   2017-02-23 23:12    

thanks! i don't know if i'll add some modification but i'll post the update if i do something !

4.   Posted by polton   2017-03-08 05:31    

beautiful mod! nos would be nice tho :)

5.   Posted by FuZZy9119   2017-04-01 21:07    

waht car is it????

6.   Posted by Alex876   2017-05-18 00:29    

is this the one with vvl head??

7.   Posted by dowdow   2017-05-18 22:42    

FuZZy9119 mazda MX5 custom mod hand made by me but never released cause i lost all files.

jdmkvng Yes

8.   Posted by nikko   2017-09-11 20:28    


9.   Posted by putoboss   2019-03-23 22:06    

tires download?

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