This is the release of the Honda S2000 (AP1&AP2)

I started this mod a long ass time ago and was supposed to be the one and only S2000 mod you ever need.

Inlucded in this mod are LOADS of things and I shall note here some that I can still recall.

It features:

- 4 Cars from the catalog: Stock AP1 and AP2, AP2 ClubRacer and a custom Mugen kitted version
- 2 Sets of brakes, stock and Mugen
- 5 Different wheels
- Tons of parts
* 12 Different kinds of exhausts
* 5 Front bumpers with various splitters and lipkits for them (Special thanks to Franco for modelling some of the bumper lips)
* Detachable Front Quarterpanels, and a custom set modelled by BB93
* Stock Hardtop, Spoon, Mugen and a softtop
* 4 Hoods
* 5 sets of headlights
* 3 sets of taillights
* 4 sets of side mirrors
* 4 sets of sideskirts
* 8 Rear bumpers and various attachable parts and diffusers for some
* 10 rear wings
* Custom Radiator by HETC
* 2 trunks
* Rollcage
- Custom engine
- Stock tires
- Custom light glows
- Cleaned catalog
- Standalone
- Good handling

Various stuff has been tested and fixed by BiggBoss93, Harrison15

Many thanks to HETC for supplying me the S2000 enginebay and engine 3D parts.

I probably forgot alot of stuff but you will just have to find out for yourself.

And if you support my mods, you can always buy me a beer to keep motivated!

Tested on 2.2.1 MWM ONLY.

1.   Posted by Crazy Eighty Eight   2017-02-22 23:40    

URGGGHHHHHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGGGGGHHHH Assignments will have to wait....

Just kidding.

But god.


2.   Posted by marcus915   2017-02-23 00:43    

Cue the 50 S2000's that will suddenly pop up on RP now.. fantastic mod!

3.   Posted by Sleepin mOnkey   2017-02-23 01:10    

Soo freakin insane

4.   Posted by Nexion   2017-02-23 02:07    

Love you and yup rp is gonna be full of these and to think a week ago i almost thought about getting a s2000. Great mod man great mod.

5.   Posted by Driftphantom   2017-02-23 05:14    

My dream car ❤❤ well done kind sir !

6.   Posted by doge   2017-02-23 10:11    

finally, awesome

7.   Posted by adnan54   2017-02-23 16:45    


8.   Posted by UltimateStance   2017-02-23 17:05    

Just one thing... the tach doesn't work!
Great mod on the whole guys :D

9.   Posted by JF1   2017-02-23 20:38    

Good Mod Jaziba. It is the only S2000 mod I'll ever need. Also Donuts in stock form:

10.   Posted by Mr. Subaru expert   2017-02-23 23:35    

this is pretty damn cool.

11.   Posted by Mks   2017-02-24 03:58    

f###########################cking awesome!!!

12.   Posted by NikiLauda   2017-02-27 13:00    

Very nice! But is there a functional wheelie bar here on vstanced ? It would be needed if you put a turbo on the engine..

Also , the rollcage and the Spoon hardtop have minor fitting issues

13.   Posted by Snowyy   2017-02-28 19:09    

10/10 but little bug I found: some exhausts are misplaced and are sticking through rear bumper

14.   Posted by Snowyy   2017-02-28 23:56    

Ok I fixed it had to re-install game five times and download the S2K two times and now I rate it 12/10 Good Job!

15.   Posted by DIEGÃOCZ   2017-03-02 15:47    

Fast Furious 1 and Fast furious 2

16.   Posted by WankelGT-R   2017-04-08 16:45    

Where's the custom engine?
The rar only contains the car itself

Okay found it! It's in the download section

17.   Posted by ByFuat   2017-06-10 23:48    


18.   Posted by webby.klvn47   2017-06-17 12:46    

Where can I find the engine?!

19.   Posted by markisbro   2017-07-13 19:33    

Am I doing something wrong because the car doesn't have the engine. When i went to drag race one of the AI had the s2000 but every time I would race against it, the game would crash, help?

20.   Posted by Alex876   2018-03-27 01:31    

I cant lower it or else it wont drive,helllp :/ :/ :/

21.   Posted by ALEX_KING_1605   2018-05-05 17:21    

good work and beautyfull mod, i go now to made it in bosozoku crazydrift stile :awesome:

22.   Posted by Tokelos101   2018-08-28 18:47    

how to add exhaust???????

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