M50 custom look

After some hours to research how get an enginekit for that shit,
i decided to share with our community, this version of the skyengine.

added : Engine kit, and oil pan mesh for right positionning in game

Specs : BMW M50B25 Mesh with direct pipes exhaust.

For this Engine, the oil pan is the grey part in front of the engine behind the fan (photo2)

I want to share a little tip to :
If you have an engine you want in slrr but it come in one single mesh, just export it with 3ds in scx file (replace the one in meshes folder) do the same with oil pan, and then you will have your engine in slrr with your oil pan and then you will be able to move the engine where you want.

I've not scripted this engine to get the right power.
Tested only with MWMLE.

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