Current 9-4 *usually updated weekly*

Track Day Spares includes the following
Work Equip 05
Volk Tokyo Time Attack TE37
Volk TE37
Volk TE37SL
Genuine OEM Nissan Skyline 350GT
Panasport G7-C5C in 3 different offsets/lip sizes
Mine's/BBS R32 wheel
MB Battles in varied colours
Dynamic steelie 15"
Advan Dish 15"
Melber Mesh 15"
Cosmis S1
Junction Produce Scara

Advan AD08 in 18" suits 10" wide wheel
Pirelli PZero in 17" suits 8.5/9" wide wheel

Old Skool Spares
Weds Albino Fins varied colours chrome, black, satin grey
RS Watanabe in varied colours silver, gold, bronze, black

All are paintable but sme may lose their stickers as they're not alpha channeled and seperate logo.

Advan AD07 15"
Dunlop Winter Sport 15"
Junkyard worn tyres in 15" 50% worn and 75% worn

Special thanks to Andrey Sych and losstunes for sharing of models.

Any how enjoy! (^__^) *PS sorry no pics*
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Bad link dude cant dwnload

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Can you upload a photo?

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file corrupted in .rar :( :(

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One tip man. Put some pics. ;)

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