so i decid relesead this so have funny guys

1.   Posted by Schmelleck   2018-02-06 15:21    


2.   Posted by Schmelleck   2018-02-06 15:46    

rpk crashes my game

3.   Posted by Renaruto   2018-02-06 17:43    

YESSSSSSSSSS Thank you so much <3

4.   Posted by JF1   2018-02-06 19:27    

Excellent work, Thyago.

I will make a few fixes, but this is the best mod you appear to have made in a while (scripting wise).

5.   Posted by Porsche911man   2018-02-06 23:13    

Another VIP Leak?(Not trying to be funny)

6.   Posted by kscf31   2018-02-07 00:46    

link to all the drift slap/ team stickers?

7.   Posted by DHR   2018-02-07 06:05    

Did you even try the mod

Anyways man, best s13(or any car) mod in SLRR! Only needs proper scripting and physics.

8.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2018-02-07 09:25    

Huh, wow. We finally have "The One S13 To Rule Them All". That's a huge deal.

I would have done a few things differently. Scripting needs some serious work, including a new stock-parts list for every chassis (and maybe even every variant). Catalog should be sorted. Wheel position is too low - the car should not look slammed on 8" springs.

There are also a lot of redundancies in the models and textures. If I had put this mod together, I would have tried to fit it so that there was only one set of doors and one set of side windows, and I would have made the RS13 headlights pop up rather than doing closed, sleepy, and open variants. I also would have tried to cram a lot more things onto one texture, and also been a little more selective about what got a new texture and what didn't. For instance, I noticed that the JP/EU RPS13 trunk decals have a different texture to delete the "SE" logo, instead of just deleting four vertices and two polygons.


But all of that is, as they say over here, "Monday night quarterbacking". You made this mod, and I didn't. Honestly, I would probably have gone absolutely insane trying to put together something of this scale to my standards of quality.

Good job. Congrats on releasing something that's pretty good on a reasonable time table. That's more than I can say lately.

9.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2018-02-07 09:47    

Also, your glows are flickering because they weren't set apart from the rest of the mesh. Try moving them forward or backward 0.005 Max units (0.00005 SLRR units) as appropriate.

10.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2018-02-07 10:04    

Well, either that, or you're layering multiple glass pieces on top of each other and they are having alpha sorting problems. Try making some of the glows non-transparent.

11.   Posted by Sleepin mOnkey   2018-02-09 00:53    

Fuck thyago this mod no words

12.   Posted by hugap   2018-02-09 09:26    

good job thyago!

13.   Posted by coolcat2014   2018-02-11 14:15    

i must say nice ride it works but one slight problem.... the trunk of the convertible car is going like way uip in the sky...

14.   Posted by ZEX   2018-02-13 23:04    

Crashes my game lmao. nice mod anyways

15.   Posted by StratoWolf   2018-02-17 16:56    

Any fixes before I download it?

16.   Posted by StratoWolf   2018-02-21 11:54    

Fix your file size

17.   Posted by StratoWolf   2018-02-21 12:42    

Or just fix zour file.

18.   Posted by oliverstancedrift   2018-02-27 20:09    

anyone know how to change the config so i can put a roof spoiler on the coupe chassis?

19.   Posted by hamburper   2018-03-11 19:40    

uhhhhhh no bensopra hood :(

20.   Posted by Mr. Subaru expert   2018-03-17 20:46    

it's amazing and all, but WHAT IF WE DON'T WANT FUCKING RICER STATUS WINDOW STICKERS???!!! ahem, sorry, what if we would like to remove the window stickers?

21.   Posted by Uncle Benon   2018-03-25 12:40    

I have a few personal gripes with this mod, however much I like it:
- No windows clean of stickers
- RPS13 Type X rear valances don't work (Tried installing them on the regular US rear bumper)
- Sexy Style left (I think) skirt is mounted too low compared to other skirts

22.   Posted by Kokainum   2018-06-16 12:46    

u can still remove them u idiots

23.   Posted by AndreasKoistinen   2018-07-07 16:11    

^ maybe tell them how instead of being a dickhead?

24.   Posted by Elite commander   2018-07-28 01:27    


25.   Posted by StePowtor   2018-08-01 12:32    

What's engine to install(i know I need to instal SR20, but what's version of it)?

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