3d model from Forza Motorsport 7
scripts base from Civic 2013 by Torres1895
special thanks to help with car:BiggBoss93,Gorgoil

this mod comes With:
-clean catalog parts
-Stock Rims and Tyre
-Custom parts
-custom physics
-RPM gauge
-interior dashboard glow
-Fake IVTEC Engine Cover

enough work involved in the conversion, especially in custom textures of seats and interior.
thanks to biggboss I was able to achieve the same painting material as the previous civic ..

I will soon release more updates with more parts.

1.   Posted by Hinata23   2018-04-09 20:07    

Great work man, I really admire how good your content has become over time :) Keep it up!

2.   Posted by doge   2018-04-11 20:11    

Much better than your earlier mods, good job! Doge approved

3.   Posted by hamburper   2018-04-13 00:29    

10/10 i-vtec kicked in

4.   Posted by Mks   2018-05-04 23:06    

vtec sound is the best!!! great job man...

5.   Posted by elf1995   2018-06-03 05:48    


6.   Posted by applesmooth   2018-07-12 18:33    


7.   Posted by qwertyboi1   2019-04-25 17:12    


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