This is the latest rimpack from CJ included in the pack are
Small Warning May Lag Game

BBS RS Deep Dish/Normal
BBS RS w/o cap Deep Dish/Normal
CCW Classic
Diamond Racing Steelie Deep Dish and Normal
Mugen M7
Mugen MR10R
Auto Strada
TRD Tosco
Regular Steelie Deep Dish/Normal.
Konig C Sharp
Weds Racing Forg
Wire Rim

5 sets of NEW tires!

1.   Posted by mariomorsa1986   2011-10-30 23:43    


2.   Posted by friendyuasa   2012-01-05 17:10    

Thank you.

3.   Posted by matrax34   2012-03-12 19:04    


4.   Posted by Jswag_Gepner   2012-05-15 07:45    

Love this pack so much!

5.   Posted by brenthood   2012-09-28 22:45    

is this for 2.3.0

6.   Posted by Killer_68   2012-09-29 18:54    

Beatiful! :)

7.   Posted by Maty   2012-11-28 00:43    

In what folder should I put the files? The mod seems to be great! I'll thank you for help!

8.   Posted by TurtleBack   2013-07-25 14:14    

my game is crashing when i click on Stock Rims, i do have a 2.3.0 LE. please help, what to do cause i really want this rim pack. I want the Steelies and deep dish BBS help

9.   Posted by ErnestoFlores   2013-08-13 04:46    

Thanks! :)

10.   Posted by Dylanvan   2014-04-26 16:33    

My game crashes when I install your pack would have a solution please

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