GOM's gone, so i took the liberty to release this mod in VS
Civic '96/97/98 Chassis
You guys shouldn't have any problems while lowering the car. Despite the fact that the car is not finished it has a descent set of physics.
Some custom parts
Definitely not a perfect mod but not so bad either.
Known bugs: -Whitelines around the gas cap, tailights and some other corners of the car
-You can only install one seat on the car and it has no interior details. (No door panels inside, no carpet and etc.)
-Heavily un-finished mod but nothing that really interferes in the gameplay and stands in your way from building it. (It just lacks a lot in details).

I'm pretty sure there's another version for this mod but i couldn't find it and blast told me that this is the way the author made the mod, although i might have some doubts about that. You guys can see why here and here.

1.   Posted by holeecrab   2018-07-22 11:22    

It was thyago, iirc

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