Old mod but still fun to use (Most of the modern mods like the LS7 by Defiant only has the LS7)
Features the 283, 307, 327, 350, 396, 427, 454 and the 500.
Kind of low poly mod but it has a decent amount of tuning
Note: The "454" and the "327 '63 Vette" are hidden from the commom parts (So as a few other tuning parts), so for that, someone will have to edit the mod's .rpk file, so the mod can be able to show both engines in the catalog.
(Gzee from already did it but the link he released is dead for a long time).

The only pic i could find for it is this, so don't bother yourself asking for more, 'cause i'm not going to build all the engines just to take the pictures of each one.
1.   Posted by gorgoil   2018-07-22 21:31    

there's a fix somewhere where those parts aren't hidden

2.   Posted by Bluntflame   2018-10-16 01:19    

Where do you put to install?

3.   Posted by Bluntflame   2018-10-16 20:22    

found out where, but where are the individual parts?

4.   Posted by Deadmeat   2019-02-10 15:14    

where do we find the supercharger drive belt?

5.   Posted by Guille6   2019-03-08 20:19    

Where is the supercharger belt i can't find it?
By the way good mod, i love the sound of those engines.

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