Out of boredom I did a small pack with Work Meister L1. They come in 17-19 in normal and deep dish versions and the centers are paintable.

Author of 3D Model: Unknown (If you know who it is, tell me)
Author of mod: Daniel

If you upload it somewhere else, remember to give credits!

P.S marcus915 says 19" wheels are gay
1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2018-08-18 11:02    

I approve

2.   Posted by EXOTI1CSTANCE   2018-08-18 13:51    

Then what size wheels do most Vip cars run then I mostly see 19’s lol

3.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2018-08-18 15:02    

Lmao at that "hidden" comment, the wheel look really good tbh

4.   Posted by ErwinFenyvesi23   2018-08-19 14:39    

God damn these look fire ! I love 'em ! :thumbsup:

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