wagon Altezza

A Toyota Altezza Gita mod I had lying around on my computer. Couldn't find it anywhere, so I thought I'd post this here.
I did not make this mod and I have no idea who made this mod, so if you do make sure to tell so he/she can be properly credited!
Comes with various parts and stuff, although all have Einvagen names.
There's even a leftover from another car.
The car doesn't come complete from catalog, but it won't crash the game. The chassis is separate into parts.

Also, I do not care if this is some "ViPkA mOd", stop keeping mods away behind a paywall. You're killing our community that way.
1.   Posted by IceD   2018-09-08 06:50    

*LINK* author should be Anatoly Ponomarev, from RS(Real Stuff)

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