Pictures courtesy of MajsterUopata
1.   Posted by gorgoil   2019-02-13 20:00    

It's done by MFT, updated and more parts by Fireful0

2.   Posted by Yeetful0   2019-02-16 09:43    

Please remove this. This is a GOM exclusive mod that I have produced with Fled's permission, and would like to keep it GOM exclusive. :D

3.   Posted by polton   2019-02-18 09:58    

but.. GOM no longer exist :(

4.   Posted by Yeetful0   2019-03-06 07:08    

It lives on in our Discord server! Since this was posted, me and BB93 were able to work things out so that my mod could be here as long as I was credited! :D

5.   Posted by hitman177   2019-03-11 13:12    

hi everyone just wondering if anyone has got the 440 to work with the paxton supercharger kit

6.   Posted by newzinho   2019-03-18 20:59    

quero baixar link ??

7.   Posted by Yeetful0   2019-03-22 20:33    

For Paxton, you have to buy a standard 440 block, then buy the Paxton supercharger kit from engine kits.

8.   Posted by David J350   2019-04-17 06:27    

For some reason i have checked literally EVERYWHERE in the catalog and i cant find the engines the most i can find is some assorted parts in the V16 section and the regular engine kits, any advice? the mods are in "Street Legal Racing Redline/parts/engines

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