FD RimPack
It contains 12 rims.
Some of the models are originaly from Forza Motorsport 3 (Turn10Studios)
Then someone converted from FM3 to Test Drive Unlimited.

Rims size is 19in

you can upload this anywhere as long as you don't say that you're the author

I don't know that if it has bugs or not,but if you found some PM me and I will try to fix it

Feel free to leave a comment and say what do you think

1.   Posted by mau_cr7   2013-10-20 18:47    

new link please!

2.   Posted by Abrantes   2014-02-07 18:07    

link off :/

3.   Posted by xcsad0817   2014-06-16 09:52    

new link pls

4.   Posted by vinz438   2017-05-27 12:07    

re-upload link please

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