What will Change Sakura's Mod
-*Removed lens flare effect
-Steering speed shakes effect has ben reduced.
-More stable camera for bumper, hood and chase position.
-Speed DOF effect(Cockpit+Helmet) depends on very high speed instead of top speed for each car - slower don't have DOF effect
-*Only bumper cam position have increased FPS +10%(for people with slow PC: download this mod because next in the future i will use some higher texture for Sun and Night Sky
-New cockpit camera without Blur
-Cockpit camera with helmet (without "look for curbs"(also know "look to apex" effect but different from GTR2))
-Helmet camera has blur effect on curves reduced.

Just copy over ....\SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED\Pakfiles
Don't forget to backup first
Compatible with Minimod

Thanks to SLIGHTLY MAD STUDIOS for Shity 2 game
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