This is for people who want to play Shift 2 with all of it's content available from the start.
A quick feature list:
- All tracks unlocked
- Only the minimum amount of career mode races done (just in case you want to play through a fresh career mode)
- All GT1 & GT3 cars in your garage. (selecting the different team liveries for each car is done the same way as picking premade liveries for the normal cars)
- Every other car in the game that doesn't have a GT1/GT3 counterpart is in your garage with works upgrades.
- All bonus/special/unlockable cars in your garage
- $99,999,999 in cash
- Both NFS Hot Pursuit "loyalty cars" in your garage (Zonda Cinque & Cop Flavored Reventon)
- Dr Pepper Camaro in your garage

Drop it in your My Documents/SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED/profiles folder. Let it overwrite.

This, I feel, is the ultimate save game for people who want to race and just enjoy seeing everything that SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED has to offer instead of flying through the game to the point where you're grinding through it just to win & level up & unlock stuff instead of racing for the love of racing.

Feel free to post this on other sites. Give me credit if you want, I don't really care either way.
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