Minimod for NFS Shift unleashed, with optional strong AI
By Juls

0.3 default springs and dampers are set to middle stiffness for all cars.
Quick race AI strength adjusted

* Unfortunately only quick race AI is affected. Career AI is unchanged *

Here is a very minimal tyre mod which gives more reactive handling, without being intrusive. It contains two things:
- a .dll file which helps reducing controller input lag we have when framerate is low. This one should work with any wheel.
- modified tyres

It does not change grip levels nor FFB, it just makes the in-game steering react quicker to controller, the tyres react quicker to steering.
As a result, it kills most of the floating some cars have on my computer, and the tyres are less forgiving as they reach their limit quicker.
AI seems to cope very well with it, and I have good driving sensations with it. Maybe you will feel the same.

1 - Depending how strong you like the AI, copy the two .bff files from averageAI or strongAI folder to the Pakfiles folder in your Shift install.
* averageAI is the original minimod.
* strongAI offers three AI levels above the difficult level of original minimod.
2 - Copy the dll in your Shift install (where shift2u.exe is)

Sample wheel settings (what I am currently using with G25)

In windows and/or logitech profiler:

Combined axis: OFF
Degrees of rotation: 540
Enable Force Feedback: ON
Overall Effects Strength: 100%
Spring effect strength: 50% <--it's not canned effect, this multiplier applies to Spring effect created by the game you can see it in dll log file.
Damper Effect Strength: 30% <--it's not canned effect, this multiplier applies to Damper effect created by the game you can see it in dll log file.

Enable Centering Spring: OFF
Allow game to adjust settings: OFF

In game, G25 profile separate pedals:
FFB: 100%
Steering deadzone: 0
Steering sensitivity: 50
Speed sensitivity: 0
Steering lock: 540

Sometimes, (more often if like me you don't use logitech profiler), FFB does not initialize properly when game starts.
To force FFB to reinitialize and be sure you have it entirely, pause and restart the race with Escape key, or use alt+tab to switch to windows, and alt+tab to switch back to game.
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