Guess what! :) one year since the opening of VSTANCED has already passed, as you can see in that time we got over 6000 posts, just over 800 members and a little over one MILLION hits registered :) its nice too see the site still going after one year ;) lets hope we got a lot more to come! its all you guys - keep it active and we will be around keeping both community and SLR alive.

1.   Posted by Daniel   2011-04-21 11:18    

Wohoooo! Great! I hope this site stays alive!

2.   Posted by Gr1jkee   2011-04-21 17:52    

Happy birthday Vstanced! ;)

3.   Posted by markgt   2011-04-21 21:59    

congratz guys...and keep it up!! :D

4.   Posted by Henry   2011-04-22 16:30    

happy Bday Vstanced Hope It Stays up For A Really Long Time Because I Wont Be Able To Get Any Mods Then :D

5.   Posted by Jaziba   2011-04-22 17:50    

gratz! have a drink on me! (just dont send me the bill :P)

6.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2011-04-24 10:59    

Better late then never but:
Happy B-day Vstanced !!!! whoooooooooooohoooo

7.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-21 17:50    

Whoooooo ! That's awesome man ! Respect for you guys and for everybody in the SLRR and VStanced comunity ! Best wishes for everyone ! Keep it real guys, YOU'RE THE Mo'F***in' BEST ! ;) :D :awesome: :awesome:

8.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-21 17:51    

Now I see that this post is from 2011, but that doesn't matter ! YOU MATTER ;)

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