Finally, a release. It's still pretty buggy. The real engine is canted, unlike this one. You can't buy some stuff from the catalog, so you must buy the kit. The transmission mesh is bugged etc... It's a fantasy engine more or less, but based on the NG/7A/ABY engines.

Mirror - *LINK*
1.   Posted by W07FR4M   2014-08-30 01:37    

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2.   Posted by vargmane24   2015-03-02 15:57    

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3.   Posted by faridarfin   2015-07-10 01:23    

why you upload in crocko?? WHY??

4.   Posted by TORKAX   2018-10-21 16:35    

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5.   Posted by RON_EMO_BOY   2019-05-20 19:32    

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