This is a beta of V2.0 of my Rim Pack. I don't know if and when I'll ever get it completed, so I might as well give it to you guys to enjoy.

It includes:

17" rims in 8" and 10" widths
19" rims in 11" and 13" widths
21" rims in 11" and 13" widths
Low profile 17", 19", and 21" tires.

There is at least one new rim style added since V1.0. I don't remember for sure if it was more than one, lol. But I did remove the ugly "Wagon Wheel" rim style that was in V1.0. Plus I added the 17" rim sizes and all those tires. The 17" tires were the biggest chore because I imported every single 17" SLRR tire mesh into Max and modified them. There's gotta be like 50 of em, lol. All tires fit multiple rim widths. For example: In most rim/tire packs, the 255/25R19 only fits 19x11 rims. In my pack, it also fits 10" and 12" wide rims. And it's not just scripting, it's meshes too. Just like the default SLRR tires, each rim size has one mesh for each rim width it is scripted to fit.

So anyway, Enjoy it!
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make some extremely small ones like less than 15 inch plz best wheels in the world and can u link a yugo with small wheels?

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