1st place winner -

2nd place -

3rd place -

So it is the end of competition! we had a tone of great entries and now we have 2 winners :D

1st place will be shared by - PoleDriver and RaduGRM
2nd place goes to - Jesus Christ
and 3rd but not last place goes to - Franco

Winners will be added to our facebook fan page ASAP - RaduGRM please reupload your pictures they don't seem to work.

new competition will be up soon! thanks for joining this one!

k, since we won't recover "raduGRM's" shots i will have to use what we have!


1.   Posted by Poledriver   2012-03-08 11:09    

Heya, and thnks. Peeps for the Votes :)...

2.   Posted by Gr1jkee   2012-03-08 15:35    

Gratz to winners ;p

3.   Posted by RaduGRM   2012-03-08 16:49    

Thnk for votes:)

Sorry, but where to reupload the pictures? :/

4.   Posted by - Pacanaz -   2012-03-08 18:29    

upload them to imgur.com

5.   Posted by Daniel   2012-03-14 22:15    

gratz pole!

6.   Posted by Poledriver   2012-03-16 21:31    

Thanks :)

7.   Posted by seass   2012-03-27 22:24    

3rd place winner !!

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