1.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2012-05-24 13:24    

thanxx to the Godfather of Rims for this awesome package :awesome:

2.   Posted by Makedonija   2012-05-24 13:44    

Finally :D!!!! Yeah
Where can I find HQ pack 9? THANK YOU

3.   Posted by PaddMadd   2012-05-24 14:47    

By FAR your best rims yet! Aside from the MkII. That was equal to these. lol

4.   Posted by seass   2012-05-24 15:54    

do we have already 1000 Likes :D

5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-05-24 18:38    

yes we have and there is no hq pack 9

6.   Posted by Jswag_Gepner   2012-05-25 00:27    

Oh My Gawd yes! :D

7.   Posted by Airidas   2012-05-26 14:18    

I love the M3 :-X

8.   Posted by torinow380   2012-05-27 00:46    

Darkside FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-05-27 01:23    

modzona fuuuuu say thank youuuuuuu to them for stealing the rims agaaaaaiinnn breaking every opportunity for members of vstanced to get them uuuuuu

10.   Posted by Eliaajz   2012-05-27 14:37    

Am I the only one that does not see an download link? :/

EDIT: JC, can you send a PM with a DL link for this pack? I really want it!

11.   Posted by Franco   2012-05-27 15:11    

sorry, the pack was already moved to the darskide section, thanks to modzona administrators... so unless you have access there you cant get it on Vstanced

12.   Posted by PaddMadd   2012-05-27 15:14    

Maybe it's time to start sending DCMA takedown orders to Modzona. Those fuckin' reds need to learn to make their own shit.

13.   Posted by Franco__1993   2012-05-27 20:37    

Those are V.I.P. ? I can I download the page of a Russian.

14.   Posted by Bakchis   2012-05-27 23:04    

well you were able to download this here aswell but since the russians put this wheels on their site the link is now removed here and there most likely wont be any new mods from the modders of vstanced in public

15.   Posted by torinow380   2012-05-28 10:39    


16.   Posted by markgt   2012-05-28 21:12    

can't any administrator or something see who does this stealing?? in some kind of way?! those guys/guy are destroying a community

17.   Posted by Franco   2012-05-29 03:29    

nope we cant see who downloaded.... but it was my mistake, it should never been released to public... it should've gone directly to the DS

18.   Posted by dms28   2012-06-05 22:46    

where is the link for download... :/

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