My first rimpack

This is my first rimpack, still beta.. Converts from FM3/4..

I would like to say thanks to
Bigg Boss93 - for learning me everything i know.. :D
Morpheus Hell - for some tricks and how to's..
Jaziba - for giving me directions where to search what i need..
CalledBridge72 - for meshes, ideas, tricks, beta tests, lot of help and much more! :D
and all the rest if i forgot someone..
1.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2012-06-20 00:41    

lets check them out ;-)

2.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2012-06-20 00:42    

why why the hell on 4shared? i dont have an account there

3.   Posted by Pro7   2012-06-20 04:48
here.. :D

4.   Posted by pichipeloncho   2013-06-08 06:59    

hi is this rim in this pack?

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