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1.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2012-09-06 11:35    

Ohh I Love the Bora and your work. Thanks to bring us VAG.

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-09-06 12:46    

why did i read it as FAG is above me..

3.   Posted by addi   2012-09-06 13:58    

nice, but could be better.
: )

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-09-06 14:14    

when stating things like that you'll need to explain your self! please do.

5.   Posted by addi   2012-09-06 14:27    

Sunroof is not paintable - bad uvw map?
Franco should in properties unset backlase full - or something like that and stick holes for ex. in doors. :)

6.   Posted by addi   2012-09-06 15:07    

+ one more - parts hasn't got correct pivot.

7.   Posted by Franco   2012-09-06 17:34    

sun roof should't be paintable.... it's glass....

about the holes, i know, but i just didnt want to fill them i'm doing this to relax and when i've got some free time between work and university, and filling holes is annoying, same goes for pivots...

8.   Posted by addi   2012-09-06 17:36    

Glass? U need to delete the leather on the headliner, then glass should better looks.

9.   Posted by addi   2012-09-06 17:39    

because its gray, first i think that is non-paintable sunroof ; )

10.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2012-09-06 20:13    

i think i would be better, dont discuess about this in here. and addi if u dont like the bora and its fun 4 u to show franco some bugs.. Stop this!! its annoying

11.   Posted by addi   2012-09-07 06:12    

Its annoying? I'm talking with him about bugs, because someone wanna to explain this then shut up?
You and your best love Gaschi do the same, worst.
Bora its nice, but im modder and i see more bugs/errors then other users : )

12.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2012-09-07 12:13    

keep that shit out of vstanced :) you have explained the bugs, yes they are there - not actual bugs as the car works fine :) its simply not done properly, and i could go on about your mods the same way and people could go on about my mods.. but w/e you do what you like :) we have no standards here in slrr modding so yeah :) keep it to your self or do it better and show how its meant to be done..

13.   Posted by radu_cainamisir   2012-09-16 01:38    

Franco i think all thank you for your work ... And i convert modeles form another game but not like you. The idea is i know how time are you working at this mods i respect that!

Franco is Franco

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