this is my question.....

Do you want me to release the caddy as it is? only missing the lightglows

i will do them but don't know when... i think i could make a little beta like the bimmer one, only that more complete, only lightglows will be missing. that will be an update in the future

so vote in the pool,

yes - to release as it is
no - to wait till i get the light glows done
1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-04-20 23:54    

release of course ;)

2.   Posted by svander   2010-04-21 00:48    

Id wait to get the light glows finished, since its not a big thing

3.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2010-04-21 06:58    

I wait till it's finished too.
If it's only the light glow...why not wait a couple day's.
Take your time, no hurry, then it gets even better.
Like you said about the Bimmer, take your time, finish the Bimmer and Bimmer cabrio and then release.
Great work Franco

4.   Posted by Palus   2010-04-21 07:57    

yeah, take your time ;)

5.   Posted by maryus_x90   2010-04-21 07:58    

well me want to release it, cauze i dont drive to much at night ore use to much the brake :D

6.   Posted by Mikidude   2010-04-21 12:34    

Yes release :D

7.   Posted by Jaziba   2010-04-21 15:00    

tbh i rather see it finished and 1 release then 200 versions because you fixed sumtin. but thats just me.

8.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2010-04-21 15:44    

Finih the caddy and than release it.bro!

9.   Posted by Noi5eB0mb   2010-04-21 16:06    

fix it then release it imo

10.   Posted by streetlegal1986   2010-04-22 13:53    

fix then relase:)

11.   Posted by dragfuker   2010-04-22 14:52    


12.   Posted by Klobsters   2010-04-22 19:24    

Take your time! :) Maybe you will find another bugs to fix! ;) Agree to Jaziba!

13.   Posted by CJ   2010-04-23 00:40    

YES !!

14.   Posted by k0k14a   2010-04-24 12:57    

yes franco :)

15.   Posted by e_m_1   2010-04-26 23:32    

Yes :D

16.   Posted by Mr.Drifter   2010-04-29 12:00    

realese!!! :D

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